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As the practice principal of a pair of practices in Kent, Dr Alfred Kolozsvari looks to provide the best treatment across a variety of dental disciplines. Here he explains why the Vatech PaX-i3D Smart was the CBCT scanner for him and how it has driven his dentistry forward.

Digital dentistry is the way forward… it’s part of a dentist’s daily routine, it’s the digital era,’ comments Dr Alfred Kolozsvari, practice principal at High Street Medical Dental. Dr Kolozsvari has underlined his commitment to digital dentistry by investing in a Vatech PaX-i3D Smart CBCT scanner.

‘We don’t use paperwork anymore, and now it is the same for X-rays,’ adds Dr Kolozsvari. ‘It simplifies our work as clinicians and it is that much easier to communicate with the patient as they can understand the treatments that needs to be done when they see everything on a screen.

When you bring it up on a big screen and use the Ez3D-i 3D manipulation software, you can clearly explain the procedure that is involved. In regards to the digital imaging, I think it’s the way forward and every single practice should invest in digital imaging, even if it’s a 3D imaging system, Panoramic, if not at least an intraoral X-ray system.’

While purchasing such an important piece of equipment requires a large investment, Dr Kolozsvari says the practice couldn’t go on providing high quality treatment without a CBCT scanner. ‘The practice does not need to refer patients any more,’ he explains. ’It’s much more comfortable for us as clinicians, and for our patients because they remain in the same environment that they are used to, without extra travel, time and costs.’

For Dr Kolozsvari the benefits are clear, both to him as a clinician, and to his patients as well. ‘We get the digital image instantly, so we can actually explain to the patient exactly what needs to be done, show them the image straight away and the patient will be able to understand much quicker. It saves a lot of time, which is something that everyone is looking forward to, as 24 hours are not enough hours in a day!’

As practice principal, Dr Kolozsvari personally designed the purpose-built new premises in line with best practice guidelines, including separate dirty and clean rooms for decontamination and sterilisation. The state-of-the-art digital dentistry facility has the latest dental chairs with intraoral cameras and intraoral digital X-rays and now the Vatech 3D CBCT, which allows accurate planning and delivery of precisional dental care. The Vatech 3D CBCT was chosen for its revolutionary extremely low radiation exposure with high quality images, allowing for smart safer use.

In addition to facial aesthetics and cosmetics, Dr Kolozsvari’s team provides high standards of care in general dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics and implant dentistry. Dr Kolozsvari is also an educational supervisor for foundation dentists in Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery and was part of the 2015 Dental Foundation Training National Recruitment Panel. Dr Kolozsvari’s passion for using the most up to date digital dentistry to provide affordable, personalised, participatory care has led to outstanding patient satisfaction and optimised care.

The PaX-i3D Smart is the latest 3-in-1 X-ray machine manufactured by Vatech. The correctly named Smart machine has more than a few new features making it second to none. The ‘1 Scan, 2 Image’ function gives clinicians not only a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means, patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans. Also, CT and Auto Pano images are displayed within One Viewer feature on the software. Dr Kolozsvari explained that this is an amazing bonus that you can utilise to have and show to patients for the absolute understanding of the treatment required.

The Smart machine also has a very low dose exposure. Increasing image quality with a higher radiation level is easy to do, but as the pioneer of the Green CT, Vatech’s Green technology reduces the radiation level of the PaX-i3D Smart without reducing image quality. ‘The PaX-i3D Smart was the lowest dose of radiation that I could find in the market at the time of purchase’, therefore it made it the perfect choice for Dr Kolozsvari as low radiation for patients is a top priority for him.

The key new feature for the Smart machine is the 12cm x 9cm anatomical FOV. Normally, a FOV 10cm x 8.5cm image shows tooth number 8. However, when the tooth is lying on its side, there is a high possibility that the tooth will be cut out of the image. The ‘arch-shaped volume’ eliminates this possibility and shows a larger anatomical FOV of 12cm x 9cm using a 10cm x 8.5cm sensor. Dr Kolozsvari expressed that this new feature is ‘unparalleled’ and that it allows the capture of both the upper and lower arch with such ease using a single laser beam positioning method. This has proven to further increase comfort and reduce time for the patient and clinician when capturing a CBCT image.

A number of other features of the Vatech 3D scanner are also proving very useful, as Dr Kolozsvari explains, ‘The Magic Pan that allows the computer to use the clearest slices from the scan creating a panoramic image that is clear through the whole arch, is so great. It will not be possible to go back to normal panoramic images after having used the Magic Pan!’ The Smart Metal Artifact Reduction solution is another powerful feature that creates a high 3D image quality scan without significantly being affected by metal artifacts for the diagnosis.

Dr Kolozsvari is equally impressed by the new 3D manipulation software, Ez3D-i.

‘Even though the practice is set up with dental chairs from a different supplier, it was an article that I read from the Engle Institute that made me choose a Vatech CBCT machine. I went on to have a close look at the display of the unit at Vatech’s own showroom and I was most impressed by both the machine, software and Vatech’s customer service. Not only is the PaX-i3D Smart very attractive and modern, it also looks very friendly.’

The Auto Cross-sectional(3D Pan) tool of Ez3D-i makes everything quick and smart. With a volume panorama mode, the Ez3D-i makes lingual-side diagnosis possible with so much ease. Also, locating a lesion during an endodontic treatment is effective and accurate from this view, whether it is near the apical or not. Dr Kolozsvari admits that the 3D Pano feature in the software that allows him to simulate implants with just a click of a button in the correct angle is one of the key factors that made him go with this machine.

So why did Dr Kolozsvari choose Vatech? He explains,

‘When you can see both arches in a 3D image, not only is it essential and necessary for the clinician to easily understand the image it is important that your patient can also easily understand the diagnosis. The image is very natural compared to the regular 2D panoramic image and the patients are often amazed at what they can see. The software is so much simpler and easier to use compared to others, very user friendly. Nowadays you need something that shortens the time for interpreting and giving you more clinical time, which the new software does.’

After all this the decision to purchase was a straightforward one, as Dr Kolozsvari was completely won over by the Vatech offering. He concludes,

‘Vatech is the leading innovative providers of dental imaging and radiology products because it is focused in dental X-rays alone, and that’s why I believe it is the best manufacturer of X-ray machines. The service is out of this world; from the ordering, to the installation, and the after service is consistently excellent. The Vatech PaX-i3D Smart machine has revolutionised the CBCTs that are available in the market.’

PUBLISHED IN: FMC Magazine, Private Dentistry Issue, April 2016
DENTIST: Dr. Alfred Kolozsvari
DENTAL PRACTICE: High Street Medical Dental
ADDRESS: 76-78 High Street, Gillingham, ME7 1AY
TELEPHONE: 01634 853 289  or  01634 365 523
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