Green 18



Green 18 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital x-ray imaging system that incorporates Pano, CBCT, Ceph (optional) and Model Scan.

With Vatech’s extensive experience in the dental imaging field, the Green 18 provides high-quality images with lower radiation by combining image processing. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy and lead to increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

Low dose and high image quality

What has been developed at Vatech breaks many conventions in dental radiography. It was always believed that with low radiation comes inferior image quality, which renders it useless in clinical diagnosis.

However, Green 18 provides clinically diagnosable X-ray scans at a low X-ray dosage. With low dose X-ray radiography, achieving clinically diagnosable image quality is the new gold standard.

Multi FOV selection

Green 18 offers a range of selectable fields of view. The Multi FOV option allows users to select the optimum FOV mode while minimizing exposure to areas that are not in the region of interest.

The following FOV sizes are available for diagnostic needs: 5×5, 8×10, 13×10 and 18×10.

These options cover the full arch region, sinus and left/right TMJ, and suits most oral surgery cases and multiple implant surgeries.

Green scan time

Due to its short scan time, the Green 18 minimizes motion artifact and enables faster work flow.

It produces superb diagnostic images, which will be a source of pride for any dental practice. Focusing on the highest quality of patient care, Vatech strives to improve the health and safety of your patients.

(Artifact Reduction Technology of Vatech)
Metal artifact hinders visualization and naturally reduces diagnostic confidence. Clear images cause less stress and provide more confidence which lead to accurate diagnosis for implant planning.

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art-v-off art-v-on
3D Scanning for Model
3D model scan enables users to store plasters as digital models.
Digitized One-Stop Clinic

*3D scanning for Plaster Cast with FOV 8×9 (cm)

CAD/CAM integration
Sufficient level of detail for surgical guide design
Specially designed Jig
Stable protection from partial model to full model
[Unit : mm]
*An additional 3 inches (76.2mm) of space is required behind the unit for wall mount bracket installation (mandatory unless there is a base mount installation).
[Green 18 : PHT-65LHS]
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