EzRay Air Wall

The wall mounted intraoral X-ray

Weight Innovation with CNT
(Carbon Nano Technology)

The wall mounted EzRay Air Wall is a lightweight x-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intraoral x-rays.

The EzRay Air Wall’s lightweight tube head provides users with a stable and easy to use x-ray source which maximizes image clarity and optimizes work flow.

Smart Dial for all functions

The operating panel located on the tube head creates a simpler and faster workflow. The Smart Dial has all the settings in one dial, streamlining the workflow and decreasing preparation time.

With the EzRay Air Wall, there is no need to remember complicated controls panel buttons and configurations.

Ergonomic design for safety and efficiency

Secure clear images with a 0.4mm focal spot

Compared to other intraoral x-rays on the market, the EzRay Air Wall provides optimal image quality and additional diagnostic value with a 0.4mm focal spot.

*Exposure Condition : 65kV, 3.0mA
[Unit : mm]
[EzRay Air Wall: VEX-S300W]
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