EzRay Air Portable

Lightweight, portable innovation

Weight Innovation with CNT
(Carbon Nano Technology)

The world’s first dental application of Carbon Nano Technology. The EzRay Air Portable is a lightweight portable X-ray device that is designed for easy handling and stable positioning, delivering optimal image quality for your intra-oral X-ray images.

Double scatter shield design for operator safety

Lower cooldown times,
faster workflow

The EzRay Air Portable’s unique carbon-nano technology efficiencies, which are not available in traditional x-ray generation methods, means there is a 75% reduction in cool-down time between shots, when compared to leading competitor’s devices.

This allows users to spend less time waiting for their x-ray to be ready and more time diagnosing and treating the patient.

No warmup time

With no initial start-up delay for conventional x-ray sources to warm up, the EzRay Air Portable’s Carbon Nano Technology optimizes workflow by allowing for quicker exposure after you initially turn on the device.
[Unit : mm]
[EzRay Air Portable: VEX-P300]
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