Plug & play

No need to install USB Driver – ready to use once cable is connected.

No need to install a capture program. Many other companies’ software requires the installation of a capture program to send an image capture signal. EzCam does not require any installation as it can create a capture key value on its own.

Intuitive & automatic on/off control

Once your viewing software is turned on, EzCam and its camera lens light will turn on and the camera status indicator will turn green.

When you close the viewing software, EzCam and its camera lens light will automatically turn off and the camera status indicator will turn blue.

Minimized motion artifact

With two capture buttons, one on each side of the camera, the thumb and index finger can provide support that results in stable positioning while minimizing motion artifact.

Sharp & clear images

When the camera is turned on, auto-focus mode starts. With a focus range of 9mm~35mm, the camera will automatically focus according to the distance between the camera and the filmed object, which means no manual adjustments are required.

EzCam is also equipped with an aspheric lens which causes less image distortion and provides excellent image quality, suitable for diagnosis.

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