Vatech VSP is a user-friendly PSP scanner. Small and light, it’s perfect for smaller dental clinics.

This high-end device has a 4-inch LCD touch screen which provides the largest preview image. Ethernet connecton enables rapid image transfer from scanner to PC. With Vatech VSP, you can offer fast and easy chairside diagnosis for your patients.

One of the smallest PSP

The weight is only 3.3 kg and with dimensions of 233 x 141 x 191.5 mm, Vatech VSP is one of the smallest and lightest PSP Scanners. Vatech VSP can be easily moved and installed in every practice without constraints.

3.3 kg

Small and light
Perfect images

Quick and accurate scanning system will bring satisfaction to both doctors and patients. You will achieve perfect images for patient diagnosis.

In any case VSP output image quality will be in SR or HR (20lp/mm in Super Resolution / 10lp/mm in High Resolution mode) so you can use it without worrying about the settings.

20 lp/mm

Resolution (SR/HR)
4-inch preview touch screen

Vatech VSP has a 4-inch LCD touch screen as a high-end device. This allows the largest preview of the scanned image. Using the latest technologies brings satisfaction for both doctors and patients.


LCD touch screen
Multi pixel photon counter

The world’s first PSP Scanner was created using MPPC (Multi Pixel Photon Counters). What sets MPPC apart from the existing PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) is immunity to magnetic fields and high resistance to mechanical shock.

Also, the MPPC is lower than 10 times voltage operation, and more than that 10 times high gain can be obtained when compared to PMT. And it is a small size.


The world's first
As shown in the table, MPPCs can be driven at a low voltage, are small in size, and are inexpensive without being affected by surrounding magnetic fields, so they ahave many advantages from the standpoint of manufacturing.
Store up to 500 HR images

The Vatech VSP has a built in memory, so you can store up to 500 scan images without PC connection. It is possible to verify that imaging is done normally through the LCD preview screen even when scanning without PC. Scan images are stored normally on the equipment, so dental clinics can reduce the list of image loss.

500 images

VSP storage
Flexible imaging plate

Flexible imaging plates come in 4 different sizes. Cableless, thin and soft imaging plates optimally stick to various oral shapes to provide high quality images while maintaining maximum comfort for the patient. Image plates are highly durable and reduce the risk of damage.

At the same time ultra-thin imaging plates can be reused over and over while keeping great image quality. Everything put together makes the product highly economical.


Image plate sizes
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