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Vatech: Total commitment

How do you choose your CBCT system? Ajay Murgai describes his successful experiences with the Vatech imaging system.

Dr Ajay Murgai, like so many others working in a dental practice, is a general dentist committed to providing the very best patient care, from the clinical and the technical to the technological.

As principal of The Smile Practice in Didcot, Ajay leads his team in striving to ‘do the best that can be done’. Ajay considers his route to practice principal as a natural progression of his career; however, his path is not without careful consideration.

Ultimately, the plan is to ‘keep everything in-house, catering to all patients’ needs’ and ‘offering a full spectrum from general dentistry to smile design and everything in between’. So what does it take to offer the very best dental treatment? Ajay is clear that a good team is the key to success:

‘I’ve got a team of people around me who, together, can pretty much cover anything.

‘We do a lot of team training, which means we work well together, saying and doing the same thing and we all understand the end goal – looking after the patient. I’ve got a good team that supports me and we do our best to support our clients.’


‘I’ve come to realise that we can only ensure our patients get the very best treatment journey, catering to all of their needs, if everything can be done in-house. Up until last year we could offer in practice every service, except for 3D imaging.

‘Unfortunately, we had issues where we were referring patients out for scans and patients weren’t getting the kind of service that we would like them to receive.

‘It was clear that the simplest solution to this problem was to be able to offer this scanning ourselves. And, having now acquired the Vatech PaX-i3D imaging system, we’re getting so much use out of it. For us, it means we can get a definitive treatment plan to someone quickly, rather than having to rely on other people.

‘We believe that no treatment plan can fit two different people; our clients are individuals and we treat them as such. Everything is geared towards them, including this purchase.

Ajay considered a number of options when deciding which CBCT system would be best for the practice. He asked around to see what colleagues’ experiences had been with various companies; reliability was an important criterion but, ultimately, the choice was made on the basis of image quality.

‘There were a number of important factors to take into consideration in the run up to the purchase, but in the end, we needed to be sure that any images we take are of the highest possible standard, so we can get the best results, which Vatech most certainly offers.

‘In addition, the support we’ve received from Vatech has been great. From placing the initial order all the way through to the installation and aftercare, we’ve not had a single issue.’

Understanding what you want to use a CBCT system for is essential, but how does it compare to the realities of everyday use?

Says Ajay: ‘I’ve certainly been using it a lot recently for implant treatment. The Vatech system is invaluable for exceptional quality images that show bone density, width and height, helping us to see where the nerves are. We’ve also used it to look at the position of lower wisdom teeth, to make sure that we’re safe to take them out.

‘If we need to do something surgical, knowing the position of the root in relation to the nerve is so important. In a few cases it’s even made us think of approaching treatment in another way. Vatech’s technology is guiding us to find the best way to achieve outstanding treatment outcomes.’

‘For example,’ he continues, ‘just this week we had a case where we needed to look at the position of some impacted teeth sitting in the palate of a young girl. From the 3D scan, we’ve worked out that we can expose those teeth and move them down. With 2D scans we would have taken a lot of X-rays and tried to work out the situation from lots of different angles. The CBCT system allowed us to see everything we needed to in just one scan.

‘We’re a company that never stops trying to do better. At The Smile Practice, good has never been good enough. We’ve always been at the forefront of the industry – in knowledge, innovation, technology, and in pioneering new products and services.

‘Through innovation and personalisation, The Smile Practice is advanced beyond traditional dentistry and the Vatech imaging system is an important part of that.’

PUBLISHED IN: Implant Dentistry Today, November 2014
DENTIST: Dr. Ajay Murgai
EQUIPMENT: PaX-i3D (8x8cm SP)
DENTAL PRACTICE: The Smile Practice
ADDRESS: 130 High Street, Oxford OX1 4DH
TELEPHONE: 01235 813245
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