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Dr Samintharaj Kumar shares with readers why CBCT is essential to dental implant success.

Owner of CareDental SmileStudios in Hounslow, Dr Samintharaj Kumar is committed to providing a highly bespoke implant dentistry service that is second to none, as well as utilising the latest in dental technology for his patients. Speaking about the practice, Samin says:

‘We have five surgeries and offer routine dentistry, as well as advanced oral surgery and facial rejuvenation. We do traditional orthodontics, endodontics and Invisalign; in fact, there isn’t much we don’t do. We’ve been in Hounslow for over 50 years now and have a long reputation for being a centre of excellence. What I’ve done by purchasing a Vatech CBCT is to advance what we can offer to our patients.

‘I’ve been practising implant surgery for many years, incorporating advanced techniques into my repertoire once they have been clinically proven. In line with these advances, I found an imperative need for better imaging for pre-treatment planning.

‘Patients deserve the very best and part of that is being able to look at very clear imaging. I didn’t want to skimp on what I was going to spend, so I went for the full-view scanner from Vatech, which allows me to capture an image of the full maxilla and mandible at one go. It’s actually the most suitable for the kind of cases I do. I have managed difficult cases involving atrophic maxilla, for which an OPG alone will not satisfy responsible pre-treatment planning. Hence without the cone beam I don’t think I could have treated these cases. Now I certainly couldn’t use an OPG alone.’

Samin had a particular list of criteria to meet when he began considering his options for a CBCT/OPG system. Not only was Vatech able to fulfil these prerequisites, unlike some other companies’ offerings, the system could fit into a surprisingly small space.

He comments, ‘I had very little space, which was used by my OPG machine. When the Vatech engineer came down, I was shocked when he said it could house a CT scanner because most scanners were quite large. So I was very happy to purchase this particular Vatech scanner, not least because I didn’t want to refit a room to house a scanner. It’s a very small space and I was very keen to make the most of it, which Vatech was able to help me achieve.’

Samin continues, ‘I didn’t have to do anything for the installation and the training was organised by Vatech for my staff. The retraining session was organised within six months. Vatech took care to ensure we were able to handle the scanner properly, so that everyone was capable of using the system to its fullest extent. I was also particularly impressed by the speed with which Vatech responded to our service needs.’

'The more astute dental practitioners have realised there is no better way to achieve a good picture of the mandible and the maxilla.'

Vatech’s system has allowed the team at CareDental SmileStudios to take patient care to a higher level than ever before, as well as increasing their confidence in their ability to perform complex implant treatment. Both Samin and his team have found it very user friendly and in particular like the fact that the images could be easily and quickly transferred onto a CD for patients and referring dentist use.

In addition, drawing on his experiences as an implant surgeon, Samin says, ‘These days, for any implant surgeon who wishes to practise any form of implant dentistry or advanced oral surgery in general practice, a cone beam is a necessity.’ Consistent with this message, Samin also runs an oral surgery referral service on behalf of both Hounslow and Ealing Primary Care Trusts.

The quality of an OPG is very important for our specialist oral surgeons and our patients,’ he quips. ‘The OPG machine that comes along with this scanner gives impeccable quality in terms of the radiograph details, for example where the wisdom tooth is in relation to the inferior dental alveolar nerves. It’s definitely something worth considering for any dental practice delivering such a service on behalf of hospitals, like we do. It provides our oral surgeons with the confidence that they have the best image quality possible prior to performing treatment.’

Samin has just a few final words to share:

‘Every patient who comes in for treatment has a remarkable story, and I am delighted that the Vatech system has enabled me and my team to do more for our patients and make a real difference in their lives.

‘The Vatech scanner allows us to do so much more in a dental setting. The more astute implant practitioners have realised that there is no better way to achieve responsible pre-treatment imaging of the mandible and the maxilla. In my case I use a Vatech cone beam CT scanner for all the needs of my patients and myself. I can certainly affirm the utility of this technology within the confines of my dental practice.’

PUBLISHED IN: Private Dentistry, January 2015
DENTIST: Dr. Samintharaj Kumar
EQUIPMENT: PaX-Flex3D (12x8.5cm)
DENTAL PRACTICE: CareDental SmileStudios
ADDRESS: 05 Bath Road, Hounslow West TW3 3DB
TELEPHONE: 020 8570 2526
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