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The perfect imaging partner

Dr Atul Kothari explains why Vatech is the perfect imaging partner for his practice, the Boathouse Dental Surgery in Goring-on-Thames.

The team at the Boathouse Dental Surgery is passionate about delivering the best possible treatment to patients in a friendly atmosphere. For Dr Kothari and his colleagues, the patient always comes first and they promise to:

  1. Treat patients with respect and courtesy
  2. Strive to achieve a satisfactory outcome at each visit
  3. Listen to patients when they talk and be sympathetic to their needs
  4. Perform the best possible treatment for each individual
  5. Do their utmost to keep to time.

As a dental surgeon, Dr Kothari has a particular interest and expertise in implant dentistry, which he has developed through a commitment to postgraduate training. Indeed, most recently, he was awarded a Diploma in Dental Implants from the Royal College of Surgeons (Ed).

So, why a specific interest in implantology? Dr Kothari says:

‘Implant dentistry encompasses a lot of things that I like about dentistry. First and foremost, it helps to improve patients’ health and comfort, while the clinical techniques needed encompass surgical, restorative and cosmetic applications of dentistry so it’s very interesting and can be challenging.’

Dr Kothari knows, however, that to deliver the very best care, clinical skills have to be combined with the right tools for the job, including a suitable CBCT imaging system.

Choosing an imaging system for the Boathouse Dental Surgery was simple for Dr Kothari. Having invested in a Vatech system a few years earlier and been more than satisfied, he opted for what is, in essence, an upgraded unit. On this, Dr Kothari comments:

‘The fact that what I’ve bought is effectively an upgrade speaks volumes about how I view Vatech… When I made contact with Vatech to discuss the possibility of a new system, the personable staff made me feel confident that the installation would go smoothly. They also seemed genuine in terms of the after-sales service. For me, that’s the whole package; it’s no good considering only what a functioning machine has to offer.”

'It's a very intelligent machine and very easy to use. I think three-dimensional imaging is definitely the way forward.'

‘These systems work really well and efficiently, but there’s always the chance of a problem and in those circumstances you need to feel confident someone will be on the end of the phone to help you and sort it out ASAP. I felt that with Vatech.’

Speaking about the benefits of the Vatech system, Dr Kothari says:

‘The images are second to none, making diagnosis so much easier. And it’s not just useful for implant cases; it’s good for all sorts of treatment planning.

‘I’ve used it for molar endo, suspicious pathology where a normal radiograph wouldn’t give me enough information, discharging sinus from a canine where the canine root is much more palatally located that would have been visible on an X-ray.

‘I do, of course, also use it for implant dentistry. Here, it’s about knowing where the anatomical structures are, such as various nerves, sinuses etc. It also gives me a guide as to bone density. Last, but by no means least, seeing a three- dimensional image that shows depth gives me a little more confidence when I’m placing the implant.’

In terms of ease of use, Dr Kothari has been pleasantly surprised, stating: ‘It’s a very intelligent machine and very easy to use. I think three-dimensional imaging is definitely the way forward.’

When asked about what the future holds for dentistry, Dr Kothari says:

‘In the future, I think CBCT imaging and the use of digital X-rays should be the norm in every practice. Patient awareness is greater than it has even been and I think that is set to grow. With this in mind, the more knowledge we can impart to our patients the better. And because it is a litigious society, dentists need to be armed with the best tools so that they feel a lot more confident in what they’re delivering treatment-wise.

‘For all that, our diagnoses have to be a lot clearer, and digital imaging is a big part of achieving clinical success.’

PUBLISHED IN: Private Dentistry, October 2014
DENTIST: Dr. Atul Kothari
EQUIPMENT: PaX-Flex3D (12x8.5cm)
DENTAL PRACTICE: Boathouse Dental Surgery
ADDRESS: High Street, Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG8 9AB
TELEPHONE: 01491 872394
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