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Improving efficiency and quality of treatment

Dr Rikki Dhody qualified as a dentist in 2009, going on to work for a couple of years as an associate. He set up his own squat practice in 2014 and developed a special interest in dental implants, working alongside a dentist with a particular interest in endodontics. He decided to purchase a CBCT for the practice to support the care that he and his colleague were providing to patients, choosing to introduce a Green X CBCT from Vatech.

This was my first purchase of a CBCT machine. I had previously been referring patients to another practice for 3D images, but this was causing delays in treatment and patients were being inconvenienced. I was likely losing patients as a direct result. Now that I can keep the process in-house, I get results instantaneously and I’m able to give patients feedback straightaway for a far more streamlined experience. In addition, I have been able to open the scanning service up so colleagues can refer patients to me for CBCT imaging, creating a new revenue stream for my business as well.

The importance of CBCT
The CBCT is very important for various areas of my practice and my dentistry. For the provision of dental implants it is essential to ensure that treatment is as predictable as possible. The detailed 3D imaging allows me to spot problems that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to identify pre-surgery with only 2D panoramic imaging available.

For example, I came across a case where the patient presented with pain and extraction of the upper wisdom tooth was indicated. It seemed straightforward, but upon CBCT imaging, several supernumerary teeth could be identified within the sinus. These had caused an infection in the sinus, which was proven to be the source of the pain. We were able to prevent unnecessary extraction of the wisdom tooth – this would not have solved the patient’s problem or got them out of pain and may have caused more discomfort.

Our CBCT machine is also very useful for endodontic procedures at our practice, as we utilise the 3D imaging in complex cases such as retreatment of root canals. The CBCT images enable improved assessment of treatment failures and therefore reduce the risk of further complications when retreating.

Technology selection
I chose the Green X CBCT manufactured by Vatech because I was looking for a reliable machine that offered fast image capture and the lowest possible radiation. This reliability is essential for something like a CBCT, which requires a fairly significant investment and has a substantial impact on the quality of dental care and patient experience provided. John Anderton from Digital Dental recommended the Green X and the quality of equipment is ensured by Vatech, who is the only core component manufacturer for their technologies. John and Vatech’s customer service and support have also been exceptional – the team is easily contactable, very helpful and responds quickly to questions.

I had experienced Vatech equipment previously, having used the handheld intraoral imaging technology for the last 10 years – I have not had any problems and was more than happy to implement their CBCT in my practice as well. I am confident that there would be someone available to help should need it, plus, I believe that it is durable like their other equipment, so it will last me a long time.

Above and beyond
The Green X goes above and beyond my needs, offering OPG imaging in addition to the CBCT images. The endo mode is very helpful, providing the ideal field of view (FOV) for focused and high-resolution data capture with a relatively low radiation dose. It allows you to look at the roots from different angles, like viewing up and down the canals for more accurate treatment. This is probably my favourite feature of the Green X CBCT as it helps to really visualise the canal system and facilitates an extraordinary standard of treatment planning and outcomes.

I also really like the Scout Scan in Endo Mode (4×4) scan, which helps to ensure good patient positioning before the X-ray is taken and means you can make adjustments before the image is taken. This prevents the potential need for retakes and therefore streamlines the patient and practitioner experience.
In fact, the image resolution delivered every time is faultless. Though I rarely use the largest FOV, it is beneficial to have the option of capturing the upper and lower jaws in one scan, should I need it. This would be especially useful when assessing a patient’s TMJ as it gives a full picture of the occlusion.
Furthermore, the Green X features a sleek design that looks good in practice. Patients are interested to know what it is and are often impressed with the level of technology we employ for their care.

All in all, I would recommend the Green X and Vatech to others.
I have been able to bring all stages of treatment in-house with confidence in the quality and efficiency of treatment I offer, while also creating a separate business avenue with referrals from other dentists. It is a great way to grow my business and my reputation among the profession.

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