Imaging System


Green CBCT

VATECH's innovative ultra low dose X-ray technology
Green CBCT protects both patient and clinician

Rapid Scan

Minimized motion artifacts and faster workflow
5.9 second rapid scan time produces superb image quality

Multi FOV Sizes

Wide range of FOV sizes from 5x5 to 16x10cm
Optimal FOV for precise diagnosis and reducing patient exposure

Easy and simple Software, Ez3D-i

Easy to learn, easy to use
Intuitive user-interface and powerful consulting tools

  • Function

  • PaX-i3D Green provides the superb diagnostic images, a source of pride for any well established dental practice, taking care of patient’s safety at the same time. Experience great imaging value by VATECH’s 10-year accumulated know-how and advanced technology.
  • PaX-i3D Green offer convenient and safe 'Auto-Switching' system between CBCT and Panoramic sensors,
    This smart system conveniently prevents sensor damage from accidental dropping.
  • FOV 10X8

    10X8 images are suitable for diagnosis covering mandibular area and maxillary sinus. It is useful for not only complex implant surgery but also in TMJ diagnosis.
  • FOV 16X10

    16x10 images provide the optimal information for diagnosis of the whole dental arch as well as both TMJs in a single scan. In addition, multiple implant and facial reconstruction surgery can be done with 16X10 image.

  • Specification


    PaX-i3D Green
    PaX-i3D Green SC
    PaX-i3D Green OS
    PaX-i3D Green OP


    Function Pano+CBCT+Ceph
    CT_FOV Size(cm) 10x8 : Multi [5x5 / 8x8 / 10x8]
    16x10 : Multi [5x5 / 8x8 / 12x9 / 16x10]
    Voxel Size 5x5 : 0.12mm / 0.2mm
    8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 16x10:0.2mm /0.3mm
    Scan time Pano : 10.1sec(Nomal)
    scan Ceph : 12.9sec(Full LAT-16.9sec)
    One Shot Ceph :0.9-1.2sec
    CBCT : 5.9sec(Fast)
    Ceph FOV Size SC   21X23cm (8.3X9.1”)[LAT, PA, SMV, Waters View, Carpus]
           27X23cm (10.6X9.1”)/ [Full LAT]
    OS   20X20cm (8X8”) [LAT, PA]
           23X25cm (9X10”) [LAT, PA, SMV, Waters View, Carpus]
    OP   20X20cm (8X8”) [LAT, PA]
           23X25cm (9X10”) [LAT, PA]
           30X25cm (12X10”) [LAT, PA, SMV, Waters View, Carpus]
    Gray Scale 14 bit
    Patient Position Standing / Wheel-chair Accessible
    Tube 50-100 kVp (1 kV step) / 4-16mA (0.1 mA step)

  • Dimension

  • Diagnosis Image

  • Standard Panoramic

    One-Shot Ceph

    Scan Ceph

    Scan Ceph