Imaging System

  • New EzSensor is...
  • - EzSensor is the latest digital intra oral sensor with round off edges to maximize the patient comfort.
    - The patterned internal metal casing and shock absorption design of EzSensor warrant the durability even the most harsh operating environment.
    - The patterned cable connection structure reinforced the stability of the digital image processing while maximizing the flexibility to maintain the cable integrity during frequent and extreme bending.

  • The Competitiveness & merit of digital clinic
  • - The supreme quality of diagnostic images provided by EzSensor is essential to a successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment.
    - EzSensor improves the practice management efficiency by shortening the processing time for a diagnostic image without the hassle of film developer and dark room.

  • Hybrid CMOS Technology
  • - EzSensor is equipped with Hybrid CMOS technology( Onchip Trigger, Switching, Redundancy Signal) to provide the highest image quality.
    - Its plug-in type USB 2.0 PC Interface guarantees the user convenience and simple interaction.

  • Function

  • Specification

  • Detector Structure Low Noise Hybrid CMOS
    Dimension (W x L x T) 1.15 X 1.52 X 0.19 inch (29.2 X 38.7 X 4.9 mm)
    Pixel Pitch 0.035 mm
    Active Pixel Array 686 X 944 pixels (24.01 X 33.04 mm)
    Dynamic Range 4096
    Signal to Noise Ratio >37dB

  • Dimension