The Higher, The Faster & The Easier 3D Experience!

Powerful 3D Viewer plus 3D Simulation & 3D Plan

  • Customized S/W
  • Intutive, User Friendly
  • Precise Diagnosis
  • Data Export

  • Description

  • User-friendly interface to support you the exact diagnosis and planning from 3-dimensional images. The software is also fully featured for 3D image acquisition, viewing and processing with a lot of functions. Directly you can make a diagnosis with cross-sectional view function and 3D zoom and plan with the implant simulation functions. It provides many diagnostic tools like measuring, bone density, canal draw and also provides report function.

  • Customized S/W

    Users can customize various features such as the composition and position of the toolbar. You can use it intuitively by deleting the unnecessary features and creating your own menu. From now on, enjoy uniquely customized S/W.

  • Intuitive, User-friendly

    Menu bar

    You con find the function you want conveniently by using the menu bar or toolbar at the same time.


    Guidance is given through anatomical icons displaying the direction of image in a user-friendly interface.

    Knowledge Info

    Similar to dictionary, it enables doctors to refer the required clinical information conveniently when they perform an implant surgery. From now on, it will help make our 3D S/W the clinical and analysis tool for CBCT images.

  • Data Export

    The Report and CD Publishing functions of Ez3DPlus can be a useful tool for seminar and sharing of patients' information. CD publishing includes viewing software along with the patient image. ideal for referral centres. - STL Export
    - Powerful CD Publishing
    - Free Simple Viewer
    - EzReport

  • Function