Unique Technology for Diagnosis and Communication!
Excellent2D Viewer plus Patient Management Program

  • Easy to Learn
  • Convenient to Use
  • Powerful for Communication with Patient
  • Supports all Kinds of Image Formats

  • Description

  • Integrated Program for
    Diagnosis and Communication with Patient

    You can enjoy the measuring and simulation functions for checking the exact width of lingual/buccal. the additional alveolar bone's exitence, the location of the mandibular canal, etc. This function provides you with sufficient infomation for the exact location of the implant fixture and helps you have much better communication with the patient before treatment.

  • Function

  • Multi Window Function

    All kinds of images such as panoramic, cephalometry, periodontal and intra camera images can be dis-played at the same time. it helps you understands the oral condition and explain the treatment plan to you patient.
  • Implant Simulation Function

    All the famous implant fixtures are registered in the EasyDent database with the actual shape. You can choose a special fixture in the database or just input the length and width data for your own Customized fixtures.
  • Magnification Function

    For more datailed diagnosis and consultation. partial clear and magnifier function is very useful.
  • Free Draw Function

    Instead of using a pen on paper, you can explain directly using the screen. It can be used as an electric board.
  • Report Function

    The image can be printed on paper with some comments about oral conditions. The image can be transmitted to other clinics, practices, radiology centers, etc. by e-mail
  • Consultation Function

    This will help you see the entire image data and consult with the patient about the symptoms and the treatment plan.